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10 Habits of Happy Couples

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What does it take to be happy in a relationship?

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

Here are the 10 Habits, but read the full article for full description;


1. Go to bed at the same time.

2. Cultivate common interests.

3. Walk hand-in-hand or side-by-side.

4. Make trust and forgiveness your default mode.

5. Focus more on what your partner does right than what he or she does wrong

6. Hug each other as soon as you see each other after work.

7. Say "I Love You" and "Have A Good Day" every morning.

8. Say "Good Night" every night regardless of how you feel.

9. Do a "Weather" check during the day.

10. Be proud to be seen with your partner.


Aren’t these habits good? Me and my wife are married for almost 10 years. I didn’t realized we did a lot of these amazing habitual routines.

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Depression: Natural Solutions & Causes, Chiropractic, Nutrition & Mental Health | The Truth Talks

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Friend us @ Depression: Natural Solutions & Causes, Chiropractic, Nutrition & Mental Health | The Truth Talks Chir…

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

Another great video for depression, especially if you have it.

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Stress less: Keys to a calmer existence

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Try some of these strategies to ease your load and let you enjoy life a lot more.

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

Plenty of tips on overcoming stress, or at least minimize it if it is not eliminated completely. Personally, planning is one of the most important factor of reducing or eliminating stress. Of course, during the planning progress it can be stressful sometimes, but as you form the habit of planning, it becomes easier everytime.


Additionally, relaxation is mentioned, which is very important also for all of us. It should not be complicated. A simple routine of deep breathing at least 5 minutes a day is very helpful. I can tell it’s true and working because I do it every day. You can do the same on wherever you’re comfortable doing it…either at home, or at work during break time.


Also, for men who have premature ejaculation, relaxation can play a vital role for it as PE(premature ejacultion) is a result of a tensed muscles in the sexual organ, plus the brain is not able to control it as it might be tensed, as well. Checkout this link, as this could be helpful for those men who are experiencing such issue;

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HuffPost Live

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HuffPost Live is a live-streaming network that attempts to create the most social video experience possible. Viewers are invited to join discussions live as on-air guests. Topics range from politics to pop culture.

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

Take a look a this man’s story and huffpingtonpost live…


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6 Things That Make Water Unhealthy – Huffington Post (“it used to be everywhere; now it’s scarce”)

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6 Things That Make Water Unhealthy
Huffington Post (blog)
Water is one of those things just assumed to be good for you at all times, in all quantities.

While most people in developed countries are lucky enough not to have to worry about where to find clean, safe drinking water, H2O isn’t taken for granted everywhere. Each year, more than 3.4 million people die worldwide because of water supply, sanitation and hygiene issues that lead to diseases, infections and malnutrition, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Life-threatening illnesses aside, there are still a handful of issues with your everyday water. Here are a few of those troublemakers, plus how to avoid them.

Bisphenol A

Not Washing Your Bottle

Drinking From The Shower Head

Crystal Light

Drinking Way Too Much


Michael Wiener‘s insight:

Water is an essential part of human life. We use it everyday for drinking, washing various things including taking a bath, cooking, and among many others.


Ensuring we are only using clean water particularly for drinking is crucial.


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How the junk food industry has encouraged us to eat ourselves to death

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The tricks of the processed-food trade are horrifying, but they might also hold the key to marketing healthier stuff, a New York Times Magazine article suggests.

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

This is somewhat related to my previous post at about "The Men Who Made Us Fat"…


And, here is another topic closely related to this one;

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26 food films you have to watch

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There are many incredible films about changes being made — or that need to be made — in the food system. Here are some of the best..


                                              — WATCH —

                                              “FOOD, INC”





1. A Farmer in Africa: Property Rights
2. A Place at the Table
3. Cooking by Heart
4. Fast Food
5. Food Chains
6. Food Fight
7. Food Speculation
8. Forks Over Knives
9. FRESH, the Movie
10. The Hidden Cost of Hamburgers
11. How to Feed the World?
12. La Cosecha/The Harvest
13. King Corn
14. Myth of Choice
15. Nokia, HK Honey
16. Our Daily Bread
17. Planning for a Sustainable Local Food System
18. Soil: Our Climate Ally Underfoot
19. Soil Matters on the Farm
20. Sustainable Agriculture: Where Do We Go From Here?
21. The Garden
22. The Meatrix
23. The Price of Sugar
24. The Scarecrow
25. Taste the Waste




THE GREAT AMERICAN EXPORT – JUNK FOOD – China Will Soon Rule the World In Processed Food Consumption









Michael Wiener‘s insight:

I thought this is an interesting list. Instead of watching non-sense movies, why not watch movies that advocate health and wellness.

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The 10 commandments of fitness

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Thou shalt not ignore the health and wellbeing needs of your body this month.

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

Interesting tips. On the side note, here 10 tips of achieving long-term weight loss results;

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16 Superfoods From Around The World (“spend your money wisely; be healthy”)

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Trying different foods from around the world is a great way to find new and exciting flavors that you can incorporate into your diet.

1.  Turmeric

2.  Olives

3.  Cilantro

4.  Soybeans

5.  Shiitake mushrooms ….

16. Red Wine

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

These are indeed superfoods, but due to their familiarity, not many people are aware of it. Of course, not all of these are very familiar, especially western countries, but they’re very common in Asian countries as part of regular spices on daily cooking.

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