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10 Places To Do It (Besides The Bedroom)

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Even the best relationships can grow a bit played out and dull over time.
The initial rush of sexual excitement that goes along with meeting somebody new and falling in love gradually comes to an end.


However, just because you and your lover are in it for the long haul doesn’t have to mean your sex life has to suffer. In fact, keeping things interesting when it comes to sex can help keep the entire relationship fresh and exciting.


A great way to mix things up is by getting it on in places other than the bedroom. As an experiment, try to make love in as many of the following places as possible; we promise that when the list is complete, your love life will be humming along like never before.

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

Sometimes, it’s just exciting and adventurous if it is done outside the bedroom. Here are some of the 10 places that are very common enjoying it. Which one is your favorite, or planning of choosing next time?


1. At the beach

2. In an airplane

3. In the car

4. On a pool table

5. In the shower

6. On a patio or balcony

7. On a washing machine

8. In a hot tub

9. On a trampoline

10. At work


Pick the best you think you and your partner would enjoy together.

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9 Ways to Have a Mind Blowing Orgasm Every Time

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Read these suggestions and proven methods that will provide the ultimate high every time you indulge in amorous games.

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Here is the summary:

1. Doggy Style2. Muscles Contract3. Let Him Satisfy You Orally4. Circulation at the Top5. Cuddling Clitoris6. Raise Your Legs7. Touch Your Nipples8. Little Pussy Cat9. The Dirty Talk

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11 Reasons You Should Be Having More Orgasms

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Clearly, we don’t need to convince you to have sex. It’s hard-wired into our brains to propagate the species.

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This is related to my previous post talked about health benefits of having frequent sex, which can be found here;



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