Stress less: Keys to a calmer existence

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Try some of these strategies to ease your load and let you enjoy life a lot more.

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

Plenty of tips on overcoming stress, or at least minimize it if it is not eliminated completely. Personally, planning is one of the most important factor of reducing or eliminating stress. Of course, during the planning progress it can be stressful sometimes, but as you form the habit of planning, it becomes easier everytime.


Additionally, relaxation is mentioned, which is very important also for all of us. It should not be complicated. A simple routine of deep breathing at least 5 minutes a day is very helpful. I can tell it’s true and working because I do it every day. You can do the same on wherever you’re comfortable doing it…either at home, or at work during break time.


Also, for men who have premature ejaculation, relaxation can play a vital role for it as PE(premature ejacultion) is a result of a tensed muscles in the sexual organ, plus the brain is not able to control it as it might be tensed, as well. Checkout this link, as this could be helpful for those men who are experiencing such issue;

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