The Quest for Cliteracy

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In my practice I see a lot of women who tell me: there is something wrong with me, I can’t have an orgasm when I have sex with my partner. I have no problem on my own, but with my partner it just doesn’t happen.

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

Perhaps, not all men know it, female orgasms do not always come through penetration. So, does it mean one should a bigger penis size in order to make her reach orgasm all the time? Not at all. Simply stimulating her clit can make a big difference in her sexual pleasure. In fact, doing it doing foreplay can be a great idea allowing her to reach orgasm prior for her partner reaching ejaculation.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your partner when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Personally, me and wife talk about it a lot during our intimate moments. It’s exciting and it feels like you’re dating for the first time. Yes, the fervent sensation of lust is there making both of you feel and crave for more sexual pleasure. It’s like the early memories of dating freshen up.

Trust me, it’s a lot enjoyable and passionate. In addition, a man can do more experiments in discovering his female partner’s erogenous zones. There’s a lot more besides the clit.

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