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New evidence that electrical stimulation accelerates wound healing | KurzweilAI

An untreated wound (left) after 10 days is larger than an electrical-stimulation-treated wound (right) (credit: The University of Manchester) The most


This study caught my attention as it’s very interesting. I’ve been hearing lots of experts in medicine including Dr. Frank Sinatra, and even the modern-day philosophers that human body is an electrical body specially the brain and heart. If you search YouTube about how the heart work, you’ll find tons of animated simulation of the heart and how it generate electrical signals to make a coordinated contraction of heart muscles for pumping purposes. It’s amazing, and the same is true with the brain, and we’ve been told by experts particularly those who can heal using mind power, the brain is an electrical switching station.


When I read this study, I was not really surprise that electrical signals or simulation as long as it’s on the right level can indeed make the body react to it, positively. Unless, of course, if the electrical energy connected is beyond the body can handle. Although, the scientists explained how the healing improvement happens, I have my own thoughts. I you’ve read the book by Charles Haneel, he mentioned there about how metaphysical healing occurs. It’s about focusing the mind to somewhere withing the body and direct the thoughts for healing purposes. It’s kinda weird if this is the first time you hear it, but I tried it myself over and over and it works. Although, I only tried it with back pains, coughing, and colds, I am certain it would work with any illness even those serious ones, of course, it requires a bit more work of directing the thoughts to where you want to be healed.


Scientists explained in a scientific way, and I’m glad they did because I have no idea how it works scientifically, although I know it works in spiritual level. A few years ago, I tend to have a regular massage from a therapist due to back pains, but in the recent months… (I think about 8 months), I practiced self-healing, even while I’m writing this insight, I’m in practice with it. You may call it affirmation, but it’s with feeling or strong emotion that attach to the affirmation. Since 8 months ago, I didn’t have my massage from my therapist, but we meet and talk often, I just tell him I’m fine even without the massage, and what’s more interesting since I started it, back pains dramatically reduced. Yes, there is still back pains, but I can manage it easily and after a few minutes, it’s gone and completely manageable. Of course, it would take hours or even up to a day to have it gone completely.


Even more interesting with cold and coughing, practicing self-healing is a lot faster than taking medications.


I’m happy that scientists are continuously looking for ways for healing improvement, and I’m also happy I’m able to connect what I’ve learned to the results of studies including this one. There is no more conflict, I think… as long as it’s taken into deeper understanding even if the scientists wouldn’t agree with me, it’s fine. They have their own professional opinion, and I’m just basing mine from personal experience.


It really make sense, that electrical signals or simulations in the body can speed up healing. Because in my view it’s sort of amplifying the thoughts to direct those healing cells in the body to work double time for healing. This is where faith healers work. Now, you might say… What!? yes, if you put it in a deeper understanding, scientists and faith healers have similar goal, and that’s to heal, they just approach it differently. And whatever the approach is, whether they agree it on each other or not, both approaches achieved similar results. I can go on and on sharing my thoughts on this, but I will leave you to decide because for me, there is a clear evidence this thing works(electrical simulation). This is probably why I got into penile enhancement even if a lot of people don’t believed on it, I can personally attest it works if done in the right way.


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