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How To Use SizeGenetics Penile Extender Device (YouTube Video)

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An instructional video on how to use the various components of the SizeGenetics penis extender appropriately. Learn more at;

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

SizeGenetics extender device is one of today’s leading penile stretcher that safe and effective when use correctly. Besides from following the recommended routine consistently for best possible results, it is essential to know how the device works and how to use it properly along with its extras, attachments and accessories.


For those who are new and perhaps haven’t heard about it, SizeGenetics has several packages to choose including the most complete package with all the attachments, extras and accessories, the ULTIMATE edition. Although, it is the most expensive among the packages available, it’s worth every penny for those who are serious about achieving great results. The ultimate edition include all the comfort system plus extras that can help make the device work safely and efficiently.


It is not however, for those who are just beginning and don’t have clear goals and proper mindset as the money spent on it could just be wasted in the end. But for a serious man who want to achieve either gains for enlargement purposes or correcting curvature, it is worth going for.


To learn more about how to use the SizeGenetics extender device, click on the link provided right below the video or visit this link;


You can also find a detailed review of the product at this link/page;



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