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7 Reasons to Have More Sex (“where can i find a sex pill or sex machine – as in Demolition Man movie?”)

As if you needed more, science has you covered–here’s why it’s healthy

Sex burns calories

Sex helps you sleep

Sex lowers your blood pressure and stress levels

Sex strengthens your heart

Sex may protect against cancer

Sex boosts immunity

Sex relieves pain



Due to sex considered taboo for some people, its health benefits are often neglected. It’s true, it may not burn calories just as running for an hour outdoor or through treadmill, but the benefit it offers is great for both physical and mental. Of course, I’m talking here about safe sex. You can even do it at early morning…

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Peace Through Synchronized Global Meditation

Lance Schuttler, Personable Media
Waking Times
We live in a world today where the idea of group power is being rekindled and where it’s momentum is gathering.


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