Exercise slowly but consistently to live longer

The ideal amount of running for someone who wants to live a long and healthy life is less than most of us might expect…

Source: www.financialexpress.com

This is an interesting fact provided that previous studies found rigorous exercise can tend to help live longer. I think personally…what matters is doing the right exercises regularly in the right manner and safely. Also, for one who exercises regularly, it may not be rigorous to some extent it become almost a torture. And, most importantly…. light exercises with the right dieting routine and healthy lifestyle I think contributes to one’s overall lifespan and not just exercise alone.


Focusing on exercise alone and making it a factor for living longer life is not very conclusive. One can exercise regularly but his lifestyle sucks, that ain’t gonna help him/her in her life’s enjoyable journey. For instance, even one do regular exercise but smoke, excessive alcoholism, and don’t get enough rest nightly, it can somewhat lead to bad results. For men, it could lack of energy, or even lack of sexual energy and libido.

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