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Penis Enlargement Promises: If It Sounds Too Good to Be True …
Despite numerous ads promising increased penis size, the fact is that it’s virtually impossible to improve what nature hands out.

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

While there are any scientific support for penis enlargement, it is possible. However, it is not something that one can achieve overnight, or even with a few months of doing regular routines.


Anyone who is interested in penis enlargement should consider it as a long-term commitment. Now, if that’s long-term commitment, am I sure about the results? Different people achieve different results, in short, it varies. Personally, during my first year of doing penis enlargement routines, I barely gain anything in length, but it gave me an amazing erection quality and better stamina.


Moreover, one who is interested in penis enlargement should not expect to double or triple the size either in girth or length. Gaining 2 inches in possible, but it would take time to achieve it and one should be consistent with the routines. Make this a part of our lifestyle, plus when one get used to it, it cannot only increase penis size, but improve confidence, as well…learn many things about personal health because doing penis enlargement routine does not only involve doing the exercises daily, but one should take control of his lifestyle.


When one’s lifestyle is bad, those efforts dedicated on penis enlargement would be at waste.


Recently, I have written an article about how to maximize one’s effort performing penis enlargement, and you can find it here;


On the other side of the coin, there are countless male supplements that are marketed as penis enlargement pills. The truth is, pills are not helpful in increase penis size. Some pills are proven effective in boosting erection quality and virility, but not penis growth.


Approaching penis enlargement is somewhat like a professional approach. This is not something that can be approach without taking considerations like goals and proper mindset. Having a clear and definite goal about what size to achieve encourage motivation. However, that desired size must be realistic. For instance, someone who has  3 inches fully erect penis, realistically, he cannot achieve an 8 inches penis, no matter what…but achieving 1 to 2 inches is possible.


There have been a lot of questions especially on Q&A sites about this subject, but it’s not going to help the majority of those who are asking because the people within Q&A sites are not experts on the subject, most of the time. It is important to associate with real people doing penis enlargement to ensure you’re doing the right thing and ensure safety and efficiency of performing the routines.


This is just based on my personal experiences and I’m sure those who are doing it in real life would agree.


Also, keep this in mind, it is not necessary to spend anything for one who is just getting started. Basic routines like Jelqing and stretching works when implemented correctly. And, of course, one should learn the safety prior to implement hard core routines.

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