Can too much exercise harm the heart and shorten your life?

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Moderate joggers lived the longest during a 30-year study. The green bars show joggers who had a significantly lower risk of dying during the study compared with people who didn’t exercise. The blue bars do not show statistically significant differences with non-joggers.

Until further studies can help physicians personalize their advice on exercise, researchers agree that the safest bet is to listen to your body and cut back if you experience pain or excessive fatigue between workouts. Many people check off marathons and triathlons from their bucket lists and then ease back into shorter workouts.

Resistance training with weights, balance exercises, and stretching also become more important as the body ages, to combat the loss of muscle mass, balance, and flexibility. “Optimal aging includes not just cardiovascular fitness but retention of overall muscle strength,” 

Michael Wiener‘s insight:

This is very interesting as most men and women think the longer they workout, the better. It’s good to know that moderate exercise can do a lot in improving health and fitness. Consuming the right types of foods at the right amount is probably the major player in maintaining ideal weight resulting to great level of physical fitness.


Exercising too much might not do anything good if one do not watch what he/she eats.

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