New Research Found The Easiest Way To Stick On A Healthy Diet

Frequently looking at healthy foods can help lose weight. This is according to the recent study conducted at the University Of Leeds. People who smelled fresh oranges before eating chocolate end up eating 60% less of the desert than those individuals who just sniffed the chocolate before munching it.

Looking At Healthy Foods Helps Lose Weight

In a different scenario within the study, participants were given garlic bread or green salad both containing the same amount of calories as appetizer. The results, those who have taken green salad eat less of a subsequent pizza meal than those who grabbed the garlic bread.

According to Nicola Buckland, a co-author of the study, Food associated with dieting  such as oranges and salad instantly remind people of their weight loss goals, and can help in controlling food intake. Hopefully, this study would be effective on individuals like you and me.

Perhaps, this could work if we surround ourselves with health foods such as a bowl of fruits on the table, sliced vegetables inside the refrigerator, and placing whole grain crackers in the pantry. At home, this can be done easily, but what about at work? One of the possibility of surrounding ourselves with healthy foods at work is to brig a bag of carrots and put it on top of the desk or table.

Additional Tips To Sticking A Healthy Diet

  • Setup a lunch reminder. Schedule a recurring reminder at least 30 minutes prior to lunch time. Have the reminder reminds a low-calorie and healthy lunch time.
  • Change computer or phone background that reminds health and fitness. Changing background on either or both PC and phone to a healthy reminders like a picture of a person playing your favorite sport, or perhaps a picture of a person eating healthy foods can help build up willpower to achieving the same thing.
  • Stick a quote. Writing healthy motivational quotes on a sticky notes and place it where you can see visibly at all times is a good reminder to keeping on the right track, as well as help build up discipline.

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  1. I love this information–thank you! And thanks for linking to my related article. I always eat salad with pizza. 😉

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