Top 10 Ways To Unwind and Relax For Better Health

1 – Meditation

Meditation is an ancient set of techniques that allow the mind to soften and the body to relax as you gain more and more concentration and awareness. Scientific studies on the brain activity of Buddhist Monks have shown them to be some of the most relaxed people in the world. Meditation has also been proven to help relieve stress, and helpful for men who are experiencing premature ejaculation, which can be very frustrating.


It is vital to find a good meditation teacher who knows what they are doing. Learning to meditate can sometimes be a frustrating endeavor, as your mind grapples with winding down its constant thinking. Because of this I suggest trying a meditation retreat, where, in a secluded and very supportive retreat venue, you can slowly learn to unwind and let go.

2 – Read A Book

Reading A Book

Turn off the TV, radio, Internet, and find a good book to read, then lie down on the sofa and read in silence. During the course of the day,  we expose ourselves to so many different forms of stimulation, and  minds are becoming addicted to it

Eliminating these constantly intruding sources of stimulation for a few hours each day and focusing the mind on a simple yet gripping task can be deeply relaxing, allowing both mind and body to unwind from the day.

3 – Get A Day Off

Day Off With The Family

This is perhaps the most obvious one. However, it is surprising to know the number of people are incapable of resting properly. Take a few days off from work and  do absolutely but rest and relax. Do not go away; do not go out drinking at night or go for late dinners. Stay in, catch up on sleep and go out of the way to avoid doing anything at all.

As a society, we have grown an addiction to constant stimulation, in those rare moments that we do not have to go to work, we run around like headless chickens, doing everything in our power to pursue pleasure instead of peace. Breaking this habit a few times a year can be an extremely powerful healing tool.

4 – Take A Bath

Take A Bath and Relax

This is another obvious one. Turn on the bath, turn down the lights and, for a full hour, do nothing but relax. Try pouring some Epsom salt in the mix as well to relax those tired muscles of yours.

5 – Have Fun With For An Outdoor Activity Like Running

Running Having Fun

Exercise can be extremely therapeutic, allowing your mind to focus on its object of exercise and your body to unwind. Just make sure that you are running outside, and not on a treadmill in a gym.

Gyms are extremely sterile, claustrophobic environments and will not help in stress relief… they often have the opposite effect. If living at the countryside, find the nearest country path, if you live in a city or town, head for your closest wooded park.

6 – Get A Whole Body Massage

Whole Body Massage

Whole body massage is scientifically proven to relieve stress. Find a good masseuse and request at the beginning that you are allowed to sleep during the massage. This does not mean sleeping, but should prevent the chatty-type masseur from preventing you from truly relaxing with their natter.

7 – Do Yoga

Relax With Yoga

Yoga is an ancient art form that works on your body’s subtle energy fields, restoring balance and harmony to your chi fields. The first few sessions can often prove more painful than relaxing as your body becomes accustomed to what is often a difficult workout.

Learn to let go, give into the positions, and not to strain the mind spending over thinking. If you find yoga to be too difficult, or if your body is simply not capable of reaching the required positions, why not try Chi Gung? Chi Gung achieves similar results, reorganizing your chi levels and allowing you to relax and unwind.

8 – Play A Musical Instrument

Play Musical Instrument

Playing a relaxing song on an instrument is much more soothing than listening to someone else playing one. If you do not know any instruments, learn one. Not only is it incredibly rewarding in its own right, but it will give you a platform through which you will be able to unwind for the rest of your life. The guitar or the piano is great places to start.

9 – Go Hiking

Having Fun Hiking

There are various types of hiking, ranging from an easy stroll at the countryside to an epic crossing of the Himalayas. Whatever hiking type you prefer to do, make sure that it is somewhere beautiful, and leave the Ipod at home to avoid distraction, but focus with nature instead. Use it as an opportunity to get back in tune with nature.

Listen, see and smell everything going on around instead of distracting music, or song. A few weeks set aside  to organize a trek across a mountain range if time and budget allow. The air is fresh, and you will be far away from the stresses and strains that affect your daily routine.

10 – Go Canoeing On A River


There is little that is more relaxing than spending a beautiful day canoeing down a peaceful river. Head to the nearest place with a river long and wide enough to make a day or, better yet, weekend of it.

Bring some camping gear and get back in touch with nature whilst listening to the soothing sound of water as it passes you. Make sure that yourself and everyone you are with can swim and take all necessary precautions.


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